Frequently Asked Questions

The Bank Secrecy Act, among other things, requires financial institutions, including broker-dealers, to develop and implement AML compliance programs. Members are also governed by the anti-money laundering rule.

The program has to be approved in writing by a member of senior management and be reasonably designed to achieve and monitor the member’s ongoing compliance with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act and the implementing regulations promulgated thereunder.

The Central Bank of UAE (CBUAE) regulates AML in the UAE. Earlier, it was handled by a dedicated department – Banking Supervision Department. In 2020, CBUAE established the Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism Supervision Department (AMLD).

Money laundering and terrorism financing are illegal activities that generate illicit money disguised as legal money worldwide. That is why countries introduce anti-money laundering laws and anti-money laundering policy to fight money laundering.  

Accounting is a core component of every business, and it requires meticulously storing, sorting, and recording financial transactions. It could be difficult for a small business proprietor to handle all the tasks, and hiring a dedicated team could not be a feasible option.

Outsourcing Accounting Services ensures a streamlined process and opens new avenues of growth for the business.

The following goods are subject to excise tax in UAE at the following rates of tax:

Carbonated drinks – 50%
Energy drinks – 100%
Tobacco – 100%

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services are numerous, including – Stremaining accounting process, analysis of financial statements, managing financial records of tax filings, banks or lenders, preventing errors of financial records, gaining financial traction, insights of expenses and cash flows and much more.

Any taxable person or a business must retain VAT invoices issued and received for a minimum of 5 years. There is a certain template or a VAT invoice format which all the businesses must follow to ensure VAT compliance.

The UAE is renowned for its banking sector and the privacy it provides its customers. Its effective banking system allows businesses to function and flourish along with the country’s economy.

• International investors and companies enjoy complete privacy while opening a corporate bank account.
• Multiple currencies account for convenient currency conversion can be set up.
• A company account makes it simple for businesses to better monitor cash flow and manage expenses.
• Businesses may quickly receive business loans or credit cards through their bank account.
• Access to global banks but with locally provided customer service and administration.